Owings Mills Lady Finds Raccoon In Kitchen Eating Popcorn

Wildlife control companies are busy this time of year with calls from homeowners about raccoon removal in Owings Mills. Many calls are from people wanting to know how to get a raccoon out of a trash can or how to get a raccoon out of a dumpster, or how to stop a raccoon from walking across a backyard. However, some calls are from homeowners with more serious problems who want to know how to get a raccoon out of an attic or basement or even a kitchen. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control received a call a week ago from an upset homeowner off of Garrison Forrest Lane, Owings Mills 21117 who surprisingly found a Raccoon eating her popcorn on the kitchen table late one Saturday night. Apparently, the raccoon came through the doggy door she recently had installed. The homeowner said she sees a raccoon or two in the backyard from time to time but wasn’t alarmed by them because the raccoons would run off when she would yell out the back door. The worst damage they had done up till that point was to raid the trash cans once in a while until she figured out how to stop raccoons from getting into a trash can. So once the raccoon sitting on the kitchen table eating popcorn saw the homeowner it ran off into the living room and hide behind the sofa. The homeowner quickly confined her dogs to a bedroom to prevent the dogs from getting bitten by the raccoon. Then she called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for emergency assistance. Within an hour a technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived. He was able to get the lasso at the end of the catchpole around the body of the raccoon and pull it out from behind the sofa. The technician then placed the raccoon into a carrier. Unfortunately, he saw that the raccoon was clearly a nursing mother so she has babies somewhere. The technician informed the homeowner that the raccoon was a nursing mother and she has babies nearby. The technician also suspected that a raccoon was getting into the homeowners’ attic because he saw that the louvers on a gable vent on one side of her attic were pulled apart which is a common thing that raccoons do when they want to get into an attic.

The technician inspected the attic and quickly discovered three two-week-old baby raccoons. These babies clearly belonged to the mother that had gotten into the kitchen through the dog door. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is well known in Owings Mills for the humane approach they choose to take with all of the animal control jobs so they gave the homeowner a couple of options on how to deal with the mother and her three babies. Since Maryland has a law that states all adult raccoons must be euthanized that are trapped and removed from a property. However, it is legal to release an adult raccoon if it is trapped and released on the same property. So the first option the technician gave the homeowner was to release the mother raccoon in the backyard. Raccoons always have a second backup den and since the raccoon had a bad encounter on the property and a human had picked up her babies she would most likely remove the babies on her own within 48 hours. The second option the technician gave the homeowner was to euthanize the mother and transport the babies to a wildlife rehabilitator to be raised and released at the appropriate time in a more appropriate place. The homeowner decided to have the technician release the mother in the yard. Two days later the technician returned to inspect the attic to be sure that the mother and babies had moved out and they did. The technician then replaced the gable vent to prevent other animals from entering the attic. If you are in need of humane animal control in Owings Mills give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct]. Call them even if you have a question or need some advice about wildlife of any kind.