Raccoons Rip Apart Home in Westminster

On May 15, 2019, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who is the leading raccoon removal company in Westminster received a call from a homeowner off of Littlestown Pike, Westminster 21157 about raccoons ransacking their home. The homeowners knew they had a raccoon getting into their attic space through their soffit so they sealed up the soffit one evening after they watched the raccoon leave for its nightly search for food. Unfortunately, the homeowners did not realize that the raccoon they just sealed out of the attic was a mother who had babies in the attic. The homeowner’s bedroom was on the first floor of this two-story home and around 1 am that night they were woken up by scratching and other loud noises. They thought that the raccoon was attempting to get back in so they went outside with flashlights to scare off the raccoon however the noises had stopped by this time. The homeowners checked the soffit that they sealed up earlier to make sure that the raccoon did not get back in and they saw that everything was fine so they went back to bed. As they lay in bed they could hear the loud noises again so they went back out with flashlights and checked the entire roof. At this time they discovered that the raccoon had ripped open a large hole in the rooftop. The raccoon wanted back in so badly that it ripped through the shingles and a 1” inch deep by 6” inch wide wooden board.

The homeowners realized that they clearly did not know how to get rid of raccoons so they immediately called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to figure out why the raccoon wanted back in so badly. When the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived he went straight up on the roof to evaluate the damage caused by the raccoon. As soon as he saw the damage he knew that this must have been a mother raccoon and she was trying to get back into her babies. Clearly, the homeowners had no idea that there were raccoon babies in their attic or they would not have tried to seal the raccoon out. Pest Control companies in Westminster and exterminators deal with bugs and have little to no knowledge about raccoon removal and damage repair. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has 17 years of experience dealing with raccoon problems. The technician knew there were two different ways to resolve this raccoon problem. He knew that mother raccoons will move their babies out of the main den site (which was this homeowner’s attic) if they feel that the main den is no longer safe for the babies.

After the mother raccoon had to rip open the rooftop to get back to her babies the technician was sure that the mother raccoon was planning on moving the babies that night. Since this house backs up to a very large wooded area the mother raccoon would most likely move her babies out of the attic that night to the secondary den she had in the woods. The second plan was to trap the mother raccoon and remove the babies. The babies would have to be transported to a wildlife rehabilitator to be raised and released at the appropriate time. After the technician and the homeowner had a long discussion the homeowner decided to wait one night to see if the mother removed the babies on her own. The next day the technician inspected the attic and found no mother raccoon or babies so the mother did in fact move the babies on her own to a secondary den site. With the raccoons gone Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control was able to repair all the damages done by the mother raccoon. If you are in need of an expert raccoon trapping company in Westminster or a company that offers expert raccoon damage repair in Westminster give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct].