Rat Exterminator In Lutherville

A rat exterminator in Lutherville from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is being hailed a hero. He responded to an emergency call for rat trapping services in Lutherville from a homeowner off of Mays Chapel Road Lutherville 21093 last Saturday afternoon. This couple had purchased this new home three months ago. Since the home was new the couple did not expect any problems and they especially didn’t expect to have to call a pest control company in Lutherville for rat control. On the evening of May 25th, the wife saw a rat run across a neighbor’s backyard. The next morning while preparing the yard for a Memorial Day cookout the husband discovered a baseball size hole against the foundation of the home. He called a company that offers rat control in Lutherville for advice and they told him to fill in the hole with dirt and that should take care of the problem but they were wrong. On Friday of the next weekend, they had a bouncy house delivered and set up for the birthday party they were going to have for their 9-year-old daughter the next day. As the children jumped up and down in the bouncy house they discovered two adult rats were in the bouncy house with them. The 4 children that were in the bouncy house ran out screaming. At this point, the homeowners knew they needed a rat exterminator in Lutherville to rescue the day. The couple quickly called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. They have the only expert rat exterminator in Lutherville on staff and are the top-rated pest control company in Lutherville. The rat exterminator quickly arrived to get the rats out of the bouncy house and to do a detailed inspection. The neighbors were at the party and had also seen rats in their own yards. The neighbors decided to have Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control do an inspection of their property also.

During the inspection, the rat exterminator from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control discovered five rat burrows. Two rat burrows were in the yard where the young couple was having the birthday party with one of those burrows under an elevated shed and the other under a ground-level deck. Two rat burrows were in the next-door neighbor’s yard on the left side with one of those burrows alongside a brick patio and the other rat burrow under the concrete basement steps. One rat burrow was in the neighbor’s yard on the right side inside the window well. The rat exterminator from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control estimated that there were between 10 and 12 rats living in the three yards that were side by side. Luck for the homeowners no rats had reached the interior of their homes yet. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is one of the only companies that provide live capture rat trapping services in Lutherville. The homeowners requested that live capture traps be used for safety reasons because there are several young children and dogs living at the three homes. After 3 days of live trapping, the rat exterminator in Lutherville was able to successfully trap and remove 10 adult rats. Don’t wait to call a rat exterminator in Lutherville if you see a rat in your yard. The longer you wait to call a rat exterminator for help the bigger the problem will become. Give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at 443-417-3137 right away if you are in need of rat trapping services or if you simply have questions about rat control in Lutherville.