Why Has The Rat Population Increased In New Freedom

The rat population in New Freedom is on the rise according to pest control companies in New Freedom. The rat population increase can be attributed to a few things such as the increase in the human population. New Freedom has gone from an industrial town that people commuted to simple for their job however the majority of the industries have left and New Freedom has become a residential town where people commute to Baltimore or York for work. Over the past 30 years, New Freedom’s human population has increased which means more restaurants, fast food joints, and other food services that attract rats. The town of New Freedom is also surrounded by agricultural farms that attract rats. Rat Exterminators in New Freedom encounter unique cases each day. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the “go-to” rat expert throughout southern York County. They resolve everything from a resident with one rat in the house to large infestations on agricultural farms. One of their recent new customers off of W. Sieling Road, New Freedom 17349 discovered that she had rats getting into the house for the first time in the 20 years that she has lived there. She couldn’t figure out how rats were getting into her house so she set up a few security cameras to find out where the rats were getting in. She reviewed the video footage after running the cameras during the first night and discovered 4 rats coming out of an old half bathroom that no one has used in at least 20 years. She did not have a camera set up in the bathroom so she didn’t see exactly where the rats were getting in. However, she suspected the rats were coming in through a 2” inch wide by 2” inch long gap at the toilet base. She decided to set some snap traps but had no success so after a week she knew she needed professional help. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived on Saturday, May 11th, and conducted a detailed inspection of the entire quarter-acre yard, the exterior of the home, and the interior of the home. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control discovered that the rats were entering a drain pipe in the back yard that was for the sub-pump. The homeowner had the sub-pump installed 8 years prior and recalled that the rat problem started about 5 years prior. Apparently, the company that installed the sub-pump did not install it properly and used plastic piping which the rats could easily chew through. They installed a 4” inch corrugated pipe under the crawl space that was located under the unused half bathroom in the basement that had a plywood floor. This 4” inch corrugated pipe ran from the sub-pump and ended 50 feet away from the house at the beginning of a small wooded area that bordered with a large agricultural farm. The rats that infested this home probably originated from the bordering farm. The photo below shows that the 4-inch corrugated pipe was wide open with plenty of room for rats to enter.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control re-ran the proper piping in the proper manner and installed a heavy-duty mesh cover over the pipe outlet in the yard to prevent rats from re-entering. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control also set traps on the interior of the home along the trails that the rats were using and were able to trap all the existing rats in the home within one night. To combat the existing population of rats in the yard bait boxes were set along the trails that the rats were using. Unfortunately for the homeowner, she will have to use bait boxes all year long because she lives next to an agricultural farm and the farm’s grain silos are within close proximity to her home. If you want to know how to stop rats from getting into a house give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct] and talk to a professional rat control expert that has decades of experience.