Bats in Severna Park, Maryland Infest Homes

The human population in Severna Park, Maryland has dramatically increased over the past decade. This means that real estate developers have built as many homes as the population increase requires them to. Severna Park real estate developers are able to build a 2,800 sq.ft. home in less than a month and whole communities in less than a year. As these developers throw new homes together, they fail to think about bats in Severna Park. They don’t consider how to bat proof a house, how to keep bats out of a chimney, how to stop bats from roosting behind shutters, or how to keep bats out of the attic. Roofers leave plenty of ¼” inch or larger gaps around the roofline which allows bats to enter the attic space. It’s also common to find bats roosting behind shutters in Severna Park. Most developers in Severna Park don’t even install chimney caps, and when they do it’s usually not a bat-proof chimney cap. This allows bats to enter chimneys with ease and to roost as well. Severna Park bat experts (443-417-3137) often receive calls from people who have purchased new homes and begin to hear noises in the chimney, attic, or walls. In many cases, the noises they are hearing are bats skirmishing around just before they exit the roost in the evening. Many new homes and communities in Severna Park are built on or near bodies of water such as Sullivan Cove, Cedar Pond, Ringgold Cove, Lake Liberty, Lake Claire, Scheides Cove, Spriggs Pond, and much more. Insects like mosquitoes have a much higher population around bodies of water, providing bats in Severna Park with an endless food source close to thousands of attics that bats can easily access. Though bats are very beneficial to humans, it’s not a good idea to have bats roosting in the attic or chimney because bat droppings called bat guano will accumulate and may present a serious health risk to you and your family. Whether you live in one of the many historical homes in Severna Park or you live in one of the many new homes built in the last 10 years, it is important to address a bat problem as soon as you know you have bats in your Severna Park home. Contact a Severna Park Bat Expert 443-417-3137 or a Maryland Bat Expert call 202-557-1443 for information about:

  • How to remove bats from an attic in Severna Park
  • How to bat proof a house in Severna Park
  • Bat control in Severna Park
  • Bat removal in Severna Park
  • How to stop bats from roosting behind a shutter
  • How to stop bats from getting in the attic in Severna Park

If you would like information about bat guano removal, bat guano cleanup, bat droppings cleanup, bat droppings removal, or for information about attic cleanout in Severna Park and attic insulation removal in Severna Park, contact the Severna Park bat droppings cleanup Experts at 443-417-3137.