Silver Spring Homeowners Plagued By Groundhogs

Homeowners in Silver Spring Maryland have been plagued by Groundhogs ravaging their vegetable gardens and flower beds for many decades. Unfortunately, the damages caused by Groundhogs have evolved in the past couple of years. Companies that provide Groundhog trapping services in Silver Spring are responding daily to calls about Groundhogs digging burrows alongside and under patios, decks, sheds, concrete walkways, and even under the foundation of homes. Groundhog burrows are between 3 feet and 15 feet below the ground and they will have between 2 and 5 entry holes on the surface of the ground that lead through tunnels up to 50 feet long. These tunnels lead to the main chamber where the Groundhog sleeps, raises their young, and hibernates during the cold winter months. Usually, Groundhogs only has 2 holes on the ground surface in most cases but there will be more holes dug on the surface of the ground and more tunnels leading to more chambers the longer period of time that the Groundhog resides in the burrow. Many Silver Spring homeowners that have had a Groundhog problem for a long time want to know how to stop Groundhogs from digging but it’s not that simple. To do this you would have to dig up your entire yard and put down a hardware cloth that will not deteriorate or rust too quickly. Then you would have to put all the dirt back on top of the hardware cloth. Groundhogs usually prefer to dig next to the base of trees, under concrete walkways, under sheds, and even under homes. A large Groundhog dug underneath this front porch on Woodside Pkwy, Silver Spring 20910. Once the Groundhog gained access to the area under the front porch it dug down alongside the foundation wall of this home and up under the basement floor. Since the homeowner rarely used the front door this Groundhog went undetected for over a month until the homeowner went to the basement and noticed a 4 foot long deep crack in the basement floor. This crack was caused by the Ground Hog excavating the dirt from underneath the concrete floor.

A wildlife technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control inspected the property and gave the homeowner some expert advice on how to get rid of Groundhogs. First, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control trapped and removed the Groundhog. Next, they repaired the entry point under the porch and then filled in the burrow hole next to the foundation of the home. Last they repaired the concrete basement floor. This project took two days to resolve thanks to the professionals at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. If you have a Groundhog problem or any other wildlife issues give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [DirectNumber]. No question is a bad question and we are more than happy to help you come up with a solution for your wildlife control problems.