Silver Spring: Removal of a Squirrel Nesting in the Attic

On April 4, 2015, our Silver Spring squirrel removal professionals were contacted by the owners of this home on Silver Spring Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. The homeowners were complaining of scratching noises coming from the attic around 6 am every morning and 6 pm every evening for the past few days. Upon inspection, our squirrel removal technicians discovered a female gray squirrel that had taken up residence in the attic. They also discovered five newborn babies in a nest that the squirrel built in the front-left corner of the attic directly above the homeowners’ bedroom. The inspection of the roof revealed one entry point the gray squirrel made by chewing a hole through a shingle and plywood rooftop above the fascia board. This entry hole allows rainwater to enter the soffit area, causing moisture damage such as wood rot and mold.

Other damages found during the inspection included electrical wires that were chewed on, as well as rolled-in insulation that was ripped apart. It is common for squirrels to chew on ROMEX electrical wiring in attics, which creates a fire hazard for the occupants of the home. The mother squirrel ripped apart the rolled-in insulation in one corner of the attic to build her nest. Luckily for the homeowners, the damaged insulation was only a 4’x4′ area and not the entire attic. Our Montgomery County squirrel removal company not only traps and removes squirrels but also repairs damage caused by squirrels. The damage done to this home is common when squirrels are living in the attic. The process begins with the trapping of the mother squirrel and the removal of the baby squirrels (all baby squirrels are transported to wildlife rehabilitators). After the eviction, the hole that the squirrel chewed through the roof is repaired to prevent other wildlife and rainwater from entering the attic. The electrical wiring and attic insulation repairs are the final steps in restoring this roof and attic back to its original appearance. Contact us online or give us a call if you suspect a squirrel might be nesting in your attic.