Snake Removal In Gaithersburg in High Demand

It’s normal for snakes to show up at this time of the year but this spring snake removal companies in Gaithersburg like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control have received more calls than previous years. It may just be that the population of snakes, in general, has increased. It may be because the human population in Gaithersburg has jumped from 60,000 people in 2010’ to 69,000 people in 2019’. Another reason could be that more and more housing developments are going up everywhere to accommodate the steady increase in the human population. There are at least 20 new housing communities that have been developed in Gaithersburg just in the last year which has brought humans and snakes closer together. The increase in human population and housing development also means an increase in the rodent population especially mice. Since many different species of snakes such as the Black Rat Snake (non-venomous) and the Copperhead (venomous) feed on mice this means an increase in the snake population. Snakes find rodents by following their scent trail even if that means following the scent trail of the mouse into a house. The photo of the Brown Snake was taken at a home off of Longdraft Rd, Gaithersburg, 20878 on April 14th of this year. The homeowners found this harmless little snake in their front foyer when they came home from church. Brown Snakes are very small and often get into homes through gaps under exterior doors. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control was actually at a neighboring house removing a Black Rat Snake when these homeowners called for help with the removal of this Brown Snake.

Most people call Gaithersburg animal control if they find a snake on their property however animal control does not handle snake issues or any other wildlife or pest control problems. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is highly recommended by several animal control authorities throughout Maryland. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is fully licensed and insured and has a team of top-notch experts who wrote the book for snake control in Gaithersburg and the state of Maryland. If you need to know how to get rid of snakes in the yard or how to keep snakes out of a house give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct].