Even though it’s still early in the spring season snakes are already on the prowl. As the average daily temperatures climb higher more and more snakes will rise from hibernation. Food is the first thing on a snake’s mind when they wake up from their long winter nap. Some snake species eat insects like crickets, some eat earthworms and some eat rodents like mice and small rats. However, all snake species seek out their food by following the scent trail of whatever it is they feed on. In most homes that snakes are found to have a mouse problem. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading snake removal company in Owings Mills. During inspections, their snake removal experts find that most snakes enter homes through the same hole or entry point that mice use. Snakes also enter homes through gaps under or around doors and through any pre-existing gaps or holes around the exterior of the home. Black Rat Snakes are one of the most common snake species found throughout Owings Mills. They are also the most common snake species that enters homes in Owings Mills. This particular species feeds on small rodents and often follows the scent trail of mice into basements through the same holes and gaps that mice use. Black Rat Snakes are excellent climbers and they regularly climb trees to feed on small birds and are known to raid bird nests to eat the bird eggs or baby birds in the nest. Their superior climbing skills also allow them to climb up the sides of some homes. They are able to use their strong muscular yet slender physique to climb up homes that have a stone, brick, or cedar shingle façade. Once they reach the roofline they are able to enter the attic through the gable vents, soffit vents, ridge vent, or the gaps along the fascia boards.

Many homeowners find out they have snakes living in their attic when they discover shredded snake skin on top of the insulation. Not knowing how to get rid of snakes they call a snake expert. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading snake removal company in Owings Mills. They provide snake removal services as well as seal up any gaps or holes on the exterior to prevent snakes or other critters from entering the home. In the first week of April Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control received a call from a homeowner on Caves Rd, Owings Mills 21117. The homeowner was in such a panic they could barely speak. The representative from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control finally got the homeowner to calm down enough to find out that the homeowner and her husband had run from their house after finding two large Black Rat Snakes in a box in their attic. Black Rat Snakes are not venomous but they will bite in defense and when the homeowner opened up the box one of the snakes struck at him and missed. This caused the homeowners to panic. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived about an hour after the incident happened and was able to remove both of the snakes and relocate them to a more appropriate place. The homeowner’s biggest concern was how do snakes get into a house. The answer is simple, through any gap or openings they can fit through, and if you have a mouse problem the chances of you getting a snake in your home at some point is very likely. If you have a snake in your home or in your yard give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct]. A snake expert will be able to answer all of your wildlife questions.