Westminster Homeowner Finds Black Snake In The Fireplace

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Snake removal in Westminster is a necessity from April till November. The most common non-venomous species of snakes that homeowners throughout Westminster encounter are the black rat snake, garter snake, brown snake, ring-neck snake, and northern racer. The most common venomous snake species that homeowners throughout Westminster encounter are the northern copperhead, however, the timber rattlesnake does show up on a rare occasion. All of these species are found in yards across Westminster however usually only the black rat snake, garter snake, brown snake, and ring-neck snake are found inside of homes. There have been remote cases where copperheads and timber rattlesnakes are found in the basement of older stone homes especially during the cold winter months when an old stone basement presents itself as the perfect place for these snakes to hibernate. These snakes can enter a home through any gap or opening but the most common entry points are through pre-existing gaps or openings around the foundation of a home including gaps under or around doors.

Snakes will enter a home through open doors or windows including through window air conditioning units. Some species like the black rat snake are excellent climbers and often enter a home through gaps and openings around the rooftop. A homeowner off of Ridge Road, Westminster 21157 sat down in her living room to watch TV and saw something moving in the fireplace. As she looked closer she was horrified to find a 5-foot long black rat snake. Since she and her husband did not know how to get a snake out of the house she quickly called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to catch and remove the snake. The snake expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control inspected the exterior of the home and found that this black rat snake entered the home by climbing up ivy that grew up the outside of a chimney then it climbed down the chimney into the fireplace.

If you find a snake in your home or on your property and want to know how to get rid of snakes call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control which is Westminster’s leading snake control expert at [Direct].