Snakes in Lutherville MD Homes

People may not think of snakes as a danger in the home, but these common animals can wreak havoc by causing structural damage and some can be dangerous and venomous. You should immediately consult animal control experts if you think you have an unwanted snake on your property.

There are a few snakes that you want to make sure to keep around. They will naturally eat other types of pests in your home and yard without you having to spend any money on them or worrying about potentially getting bit by the snake.

Rattlesnakes are the snakes to avoid contact with. These snakes sound a loud warning before they strike their prey, so if you hear their rattles, you have time to get away from them. They prey on small mammals.

Snake Removal

The two most common snakes in Lutherville MD are black rat snakes and garter snakes. Other species may also live in your yard, including timber rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths. As a homeowner, it’s important to remember that not all snakes are dangerous. Snake problems often arise in the summer and early fall.

Most snakes found around Lutherville are not venomous. However, all snakes can cause serious injury if handled by someone afraid of them. If you think you have a snake on your property, call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to remove the animal and prevent it from doing any damage. We offer snake removal in Baltimore, Catonsville, and other locations near Lutherville MD.

Snake Damage

Snakes may enter a house if they’re hot or seeking food. These animals have no natural predators in the area, so you may find them nearby houses and businesses. Snakes are also interested in hiding places to give birth to their young. If you’re concerned about snake infestations, We have a snake removal guarantee that guarantees we will remove all snakes from your property.

Snake Trapping

The easiest way to trap a snake is to use a trap that has been designed for the purpose. We offer snake traps that can be placed in areas where snakes may be hiding. Once an animal has crawled into the trap, it will trigger the door to close firmly and trap the animal inside. At that point, we’ll come out and safely remove your unwanted visitor.

Contact Mid-Atlantics Wildlife Control for more information or if you have encountered wildlife in your home.