Squirrel Control: What are the benefits of Squirrel Removal in Maryland?

Are you a Baltimorean whom comes across squirrels often in your community? You’re not alone. Large populations of squirrels inhabit communities in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Why are there so many squirrels inhabiting communities in Baltimore MD? Squirrels are spotted all around Baltimore because they have a good food source. Squirrels feed on foods such as seeds, nuts, fungi, berries, bird eggs, and baby birds. Some communities in Baltimore that frequently come across squirrels are Timonium, Towson, and Carney. The squirrels in these areas often live in acorn trees, particularly in backyards. If you have a bird feeder in your backyard, there are a good chance squirrels will visit the bird feeder to eat the nutritional seeds. As for nesting, squirrels prefer to use home attics and crawl spaces. How much home damage can squirrels cause to my home? Squirrels can cause a great deal of damage to Baltimore Homes because squirrels commonly enter Baltimore homes from rooftops by chewing through home exteriors. Here is a list of common home materials squirrels chew:

Physical Description

  • -Edge of the home
  • -Soffit
  • -Fascia board
  • -Gable Vent
  • -Dormer Pocket

Once an entry hole is made, squirrels can access your home at any time and bring in rainwater that causes water damage and mold problems. Squirrels can even make Baltimore homes more vulnerable to fire hazards. According to national studies, Squirrels cause 25,000 fires annually in the United States by chewing electrical wires in home attics. To improve the fire safety of your home, you should hire a Wildlife Control technician to evict squirrels out of your home or have the wildlife control technician humane traps for squirrels. Here at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control can help you resolve your squirrel infestation in Baltimore. Our Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control squirrel removal services include:

  • A full home inspection to find all entry holes squirrels have created from chewing
  • Squirrel feces clean and removal
  • Full attic cleanout services
  • Re-insulation services
  • Squirrel trapping
  • Squirrel damage repair
  • Squirrel-proof chimney cap installations
  • Squirrel-proof vent cover installations
  • Squirrel emergency services

Here are the Baltimore communities we provide squirrel removal services for:

  • Baltimore City Squirrel removal/ Squirrel control
  • Carney Squirrel removal/ Squirrel control
  • Catonsville Squirrel removal/ Squirrel control
  • Dundalk Squirrel removal/ Squirrel control
  • Owings Mills Squirrel removal/ Squirrel control and other

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