Squirrel Trapping in Reisterstown

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is not your every day average pest control company in Reisterstown. They are the top-rated company for animal control services in Reisterstown. Their squirrel exterminators have many years of experience providing expert squirrel trapping in Reisterstown. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has a team of high-end exterior carpenters that specialize in squirrel damage repairs. During years when squirrels have two litters, Reisterstown residents suffer far more damage to their homes from squirrels chewing holes around the rooftop to access attics. According to several pest control companies in Reisterstown, squirrel exterminators are overwhelmed with emergency calls. It seems that squirrel trapping in Reisterstown is in high demand at this time. It’s been dry this summer but last summer we received a lot of rain. This caused the nut trees to produce an abundant harvest this year. With such an excess of food female squirrels were able to give birth to a second little this year. The female squirrel in the photo below was trapped at a home off of Bond Ave, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136. This squirrel built a nest in the soffit of the attic where she gave birth to two babies. Below is a photo of the two baby squirrels.

These squirrels are only a week old. As you can see in the photo the mother squirrel chewed on the electrical wiring that’s hanging above the nest. Squirrels and other rodents commonly chew on the electrical wire which creates a fire hazard for the people and pets living in the home. The squirrel exterminator from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control relocated the mother squirrel and her babies to a more appropriate area. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the only pest control company in Reisterstown that uses humane methods as part of its animal control services Reisterstown. You may have a squirrel problem if you hear noises in the attic. The longer you wait to call a pest control company in Reisterstown that specializes in squirrel control the more damage will be done. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s squirrel exterminators will install one-way doors and live capture traps to quickly resolve your squirrel problem. The entry points and damages caused by the squirrels will be repaired once the squirrels have been trapped and removed. Give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at 443-417-3137 to discuss our animal control services in Reisterstown.