Squirrel Trapping in Westminster

Pest control companies in Westminster don’t know how to get rid of squirrels. They usually call in an animal control company like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to take care of invasive squirrel problems. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has provided squirrel trapping services in Westminster Maryland for the past 15 years. Their squirrel control technicians use the expert knowledge and skills they have developed over many years to provide superior squirrel control in Westminster. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control also has master carpenters that are experts when it comes to keeping squirrels from re-entering a home. A homeowner off of  Woodside Drive, Westminster 21157 had squirrels living in their attic. This homeowner hired a pest control company in Westminster that claimed they knew how to get rid of squirrels. Unfortunately for the homeowner, this pest control company sealed the squirrels inside of the attic. The squirrels dug a hole through the bedroom ceiling and entered the master bedroom. Under the advisement of a neighbor who is an animal control officer, the homeowner called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control.


Within an hour the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control that performs squirrel trapping in Westminster removed the squirrel in the bedroom. The squirrel control technician also discovered that the squirrel in the bedroom was a nursing mother. Realizing that the squirrel was a nursing mother the technician conducted an inspection of the attic. During the inspection, he located three juvenile squirrels about 5 weeks old. After removing the mother squirrel and her young the technician was able to relocate the squirrel family to a more appropriate area. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s squirrel damage carpenter repaired the damages to prevent other squirrels from entering. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the premier authority for squirrel trapping in Westminster. If you want to know how to get rid of squirrels and keep them out give us a call at 443-417-3137. Our animal control services are far superior to any offered by pest control companies in Westminster.