Squirrel Trapping Services in Baltimore

The squirrel population throughout every community in Baltimore County is booming! Pest control companies in Baltimore are working overtime in attempt to keep up with the calls coming in. Squirrel exterminators in Owings Mills, Lutherville, and Timonium say that female squirrels have had a second litter this year due to a healthy harvest of nuts this year. Despite that many of the larger pest control companies are now offering squirrel trapping services in Baltimore most resident are sticking with companies that specialize in animal control services. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has been the top rated squirrel control company in Baltimore for two decades. County operated animal control services only handles calls for domestic animals which forces residence to call pest control companies in Baltimore. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control receives hundreds of calls every week from residents hearing scratching noises coming from the attic. Squirrel exterminators at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control report most of the calls are coming from residence with townhouses. A homeowner off of Scarlett Drive, Towson, Maryland 21286 was awaken at 4:30am by loud scratching noises coming from the attic. She opened her eyes to discover that a squirrel had scratched a hole the size of a quarter through the bedroom ceiling. She called several pest control companies in Baltimore who would not respond to a squirrel emergency call. After calling Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a squirrel exterminator was on site within an hour. Lucky for the homeowner the squirrel stopped digging the hole in the ceiling and the squirrel exterminator was quick to patch the hole in the ceiling and install a one-way door on the exterior entry point. If you hear scratching noises in the attic or an animal running around in the attic there is a good chance its a squirrel. Call the top rated pest control company in Baltimore at 443-417-3137 for all your squirrel trapping services in Baltimore. An expert squirrel exterminator from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the solution to all of your animal control services.