Stop Squirrels From Eating Your Bird Seed

Nothing is quite as cute and entertaining to watch as a little squirrel hopping around your garden, but once you see them helping themselves to your beloved birdseed, the cuteness factor begins to wear off. Watching those bushy-tailed critters snack on the seed you set out for your feathered friends can be infuriating; and if not controlled, it could quickly deplete all of your hard work! Fortunately, with a few simple tricks and techniques up your sleeve, you can keep squirrels at bay – allowing birds to safely enjoy their snacks without any unwanted competition. In this blog post, we’ll discuss ways of keeping these animals away from the food in your yard in Owings Mills MD 21117 so that everyone’s happy…and well-fed! 

First and foremost, the most important thing you can do to stop squirrels from eating your bird seed is to make sure you are using the right type of feeder. Squirrel-proof feeders typically have a protective cage or baffle around them that makes it impossible for the animals to access their contents. If this isn’t an option, select a feeder with small mesh openings, making it difficult for those chubby fingers to reach in and grab pieces of food. Additionally, be sure to never leave the seed exposed on flat surfaces or ground level; doing so will only attract more unwanted visitors! 

In addition to using the proper equipment, there are also some types of birdseed that squirrels find less appealing than others. Filling your feeders with safflower, nyjer, and millet seed can make it less attractive to squirrels; these types of feed don’t have the same fats and oils that they find enjoyable in regular bird seed mixes. And while this may not keep them away completely, the combination of these two tactics should help reduce their visits to your backyard. 

Finally, you can use certain repellents to deter squirrels from eating your bird seed. Spraying a mixture of one part white vinegar and two parts water around the perimeter of your yard can be an effective way of keeping them away; as will sprinkling cayenne pepper flakes near any areas where they tend to hang out or steal food from. You can also try planting some plants and flowers in your yard that squirrels don’t like; such as lavender, marigolds, or garlic. 

In conclusion, there are a variety of methods to keep squirrels from devouring all of your bird seed, from physical barriers and bird feeders to repellants and spices. All of these methods have their own unique advantages and disadvantages that you must consider when deciding which one works best for you. Whether your aim is to deter squirrels altogether or include them as part of a balanced ecology in your backyard oasis—we believe any of these solutions will give you the answer you need. But if the thought of delving into this research yourself feels overwhelming, with all its complexity and variety, contact us today at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to have an experienced professional assist with finding the perfect solution in Owings Mills MD 21117! With our expert opinion and advice, we can guarantee you will no longer be feeding squirrels instead of birds.