The Four Types of Maryland Squirrels

Squirrels are great to watch; they are one of the more curious and agile Maryland rodents. They sometimes entertain us with aerial displays and acrobats while trying to get to a bird feeder. Despite how much fun squirrels might seem, they can cause homeowners a lot of grief. They are oftentimes found nesting in attics and can get into your home through the ventilation system and vents. There are four types of Maryland squirrels, they all have special characteristics, however, they can all do the same amount of damage. If a squirrel finds its way into your home it is best to call for squirrel removal services as soon as possible.

Gray Squirrel

The gray is the most common squirrel in Maryland, it can be found anywhere with trees. As the name would suggest, this squirrel is known for its gray coloring. Its gray colored fur provides it excellent camouflage in the woods of Maryland and the eastern coastline. They have classic squirrel tails that are large and bushy. They most often nest in White Oak, American Beech, Elm, and maple trees.

Red Squirrel

Also referred to as pine squirrels, the red squirrel is less common in Maryland and prefers to nest in evergreen pine trees. The red squirrel has a thick coat of reddish to brown fur, you will come across them more commonly in Western Maryland. These squirrels are territorial and aggressive.

Fox Squirrel

There are two types of fox squirrels found in Maryland, the Eastern and the Delmarva. Fox squirrels are larger and stockier than what we are accustomed to seeing and can be confused for a small groundhog. The Eastern variety is most commonly found in the Western regions of Maryland while the Delmarva is found throughout the Delmarva Peninsula and into Pennsylvania. These squirrels prefer mixed forests that are abundant in all types of trees and most commonly nest in mature oaks.

Southern Flying Squirrel

You heard right, Maryland has flying squirrels. They are actually very common but are rarely seen because they are nocturnal. You can often hear them during the night and may confuse their calls for an owl or bird. Contrary to the name, flying squirrels do not fly, rather they glide from tree to tree using flaps of skin between their front and hind legs.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control

Squirrels are small and can get in through many small openings in your home, some that you may not be aware of. In addition to squirrel removal, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control offers removal services for other animals that you may find in your home. These include:

No matter what type of squirrel is causing your home or property damages, we can handle it and remove squirrels permanently. Through inspection, exclusion, removal, repair, and further squirrel proofing, our methods are sound and effective. Contact us today to discuss your squirrel removal. We are always here to help and are just a phone call away. Call [Direct] today.