The Importance of Humane Wildlife Control

In view of the public outrage over the senseless killing of Cecil the lion, it’s important to remember that lions and other exotic animals are not the only ones suffering from human cruelty. There are hundreds of squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and other critters that die every year from the hands of impatient homeowners, irresponsible wildlife control companies, and just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a Maryland wildlife remover, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control strives to resolve animal/human conflicts peacefully. And we do our best to educate our customers about the animals we are bound to coexist with and what to do if they become a problem.

Stay Calm

Before getting angry at a raccoon that invaded your attic, remember that technically you have invaded the raccoon’s forest first. A raccoon has no personal vendetta against you and simply took an opportunity to seek shelter in your unused attic space. Don’t hold it against the animal—it was just following its instincts. No matter how upset you are, take a deep breath and let it go. Killing the animal won’t make the hole in your roof disappear, but it can make matters worse.

Wait it Out

Most animals don’t stay in one spot for a long time. In fact, in the majority of cases, a wildlife critter invades your home or property looking for a safe place to deliver and rear their young. What takes 18 human years, takes a skunk or a raccoon just a few months. Once the young are big and independent enough, the family often moves. If you have a fox or some other animal living under your porch or shed and not disturbing anyone or doing much damage, leave them alone.

Don’t Use Poisons or Snares

There are many ways to capture a nuisance animal, and snares are one of the most painful ones. In fact, most states, including several Maryland counties, outlaw snares. Even if you are trapping with a permit, snares, body-gripping, and leghold traps are not allowed to be placed within 150 yards of a human residence. Never use a snare to capture a nuisance animal in or near your home. Poisons, although legal, are also one of the worst ways to solve a conflict with wildlife. Not only do poisons cause a slow and painful death, but they can also put other, non-target animals and people at risk, which includes your pets and your children.

Hire a Humane Maryland Wildlife Control Company

Sometimes, you may need help getting rid of a nuisance animal, in which case it’s best to call your local Maryland wildlife control company. Some homeowners think they can live-capture and evict the animal on their own, but they soon realize it’s either too much to handle or not worth their time. There are many things we, as professionals, know from experience that an average homeowner wouldn’t. This helps us not only remove your nuisance animal but also solve your problem long-term. However, it’s crucial that you hire a wildlife removal company that is both knowledgeable and humane in its methods. Here is a few questions you can ask them to determine this:

  • How do you plan to capture this animal?
  • What will happen to the animal after you capture it?
  • Will the babies be reunited with their mothers?
  • Are you licensed and insured?

A professional and responsible wildlife remover has relationships with the wildlife rehabilitation centers in the area, where they hand over animals that need special care. Want to know how Mid Atlantic can help you get rid of your nuisance animal in a humane way? Give us a call today!