What’s Making Noise In My Attic?

Frustrated Towson homeowners that have been kept awake all night by noises in the attic call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who has been the leading expert for pest control in Towson, Maryland for over a decade. Towson is an old community with lots of old nuts-producing trees so nine times out of ten squirrels are usually the culprit making the noise in the attic. Squirrels in Towson, Maryland often have two litters per year depending on the food supply each year. If trees produce an abundance of nuts this year (and it is predicted that they will) then two out of three females will have a second litter. Female squirrels have become accustomed to giving birth and raising their young in man-made structures like attics because the young are protected from harsh weather and predators. About a week before female squirrels give birth they will start to build their nest. Female squirrels usually have 2 or 3 nesting sites so they can move their babies in case the nest becomes infested with fleas or mites. Towson squirrel removal companies often find 2 or 3 nesting sites within one attic. A female squirrel might build a nest in opposite corners of the same attic. Squirrels that are nesting in townhouse attics may use the gaps in the soffit to move back and forth between neighboring attics and they will frequently move their young from one attic to a neighboring attic. A female squirrel chewed a hole through the vinyl siding and plywood on the side of an end unit townhouse on Southwick Drive, Towson, Maryland 21286. As you can see in the photo below this squirrel was determined to get in. After gaining entry into this homeowner’s attic this female squirrel worked tirelessly to build a nest overtop the homeowner’s bedroom on the attic floor near the front soffit. The homeowners reported hearing scratching noises on and off for hours until finally, the squirrel had punctured a hole through the sheetrock ceiling. The homeowner was lying in bed and watched in horror as the squirrel punctured the hole through the ceiling. The homeowner immediately ran from the bedroom and called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. An hour later a Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control technician arrived and installed a one-way door over the entry point to allow the squirrel to safely leave and not re-enter. At the homeowner’s request, the technician also installed a nesting box on the large old oak tree that the squirrel was using to access the attic.

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