What is an Animal Removal Emergency?

At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we work hard to cover all your animal pest removal needs. We are effective and humane and as experienced professionals, we have pretty much seen it all. Unlike other animal removal companies, We are available. If you have an animal emergency, you can call on us at any time. But what separates a regular removal call or preventative call from an emergency one? What is an animal removal emergency?

Emergency Scenarios

We take every call and removal seriously, but sometimes a homeowner may need someone out immediately, at very early hours of the morning, or very late at night. Animals are unpredictable and many Maryland nuisance animals are nocturnal and find themselves getting into areas around your home while you would normally be sleeping. We consider any wild animal in the home to be an animal removal emergency. There are many animals and scenarios that we commonly find. A raccoon may have entered your home through a pet door and forgotten how to get out. A squirrel or bat may have entered the house through your chimney and is now causing chaos in your home. A large Maryland snake may have found its way into your home and taken residence in your kitchen.

As you can imagine, these are all causes for homeowners to reach for their phones and call us, no matter what time of day or night. In addition to the home intruder, you may find that the animal on your property is causing major damage to your home or landscape. Whenever an animal is destroying your home or property we want to come out and remove it ASAP. Whether it is groundhogs in and around your home’s foundation or raccoons destroying your roofing, or even other pests, like deer, getting into your garden and flower beds, we are here to help. We want to come out and save you from more extensive and expensive repairs.

Dead animal carcasses should also be removed as soon as possible to prevent the spread of odor and disease, as well as prevent other animals and birds from using this dead animal as a food source. If you have a dead animal in your home, in the walls, for example, you will want to remove it as quickly as possible to prevent the odor from spreading. We neutralize and sanitize to ensure your home’s safety.

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Animal removal can be dangerous to do on your own. You run the risk of an attack or in the instance of a carcass, improperly removing and cleaning up after. Luckily Mid-Atlantic Wildlife is trained to remove animals from your home safely. We can do a number of kinds of animal removals including:

Whether it is an emergency scenario or just a regular call, we are here for you any time and any day of the week – contact us today! What is an animal removal emergency? Any unwanted guests in your walls or attic.