What to Do if Baby Raccoons Are Living in Your Attic

Raccoon trapping isn’t always the answer when you are trying to get raccoons out of the attic. There are several ways to handle raccoon removal from an attic or any animal removal from an attic space. In many cases during the Bethesda spring raccoon invasion, there are baby raccoons in the attic and it’s important to get them out along with the adults. If you have an animal control company trap and remove raccoons living in the attic, there may be baby raccoons that are too young to get out on their own, so they will surely die of starvation. Not only is this an inhumane thing to do, but the dead baby raccoons will also smell up your home and, in some cases, their carcasses will attract other pest animals such as rats and mice. Wildlife control companies, pest control companies, and exterminators that are reputable will use other humane, yet effective, wildlife removal methods. If you have any questions about the proper animal trapping techniques or raccoon eviction techniques, call Bethesda Raccoon removal professionals at 202-557-1443 or call Montgomery County animal control professionals at 240-599-6815. On March 4, 2015, our Bethesda raccoon trapping experts inspected a home in the 5600 block of Durbin Road in Bethesda, MD. Even though March is early for raccoons to have babies, the wildlife control technicians discovered a female raccoon with 2 babies about two weeks old. The Bethesda raccoon removal professionals use humane raccoon control techniques that force the mother to move her young to a new den site. If raccoons are running across the roof at night, or you hear loud noises coming from the attic, contact Bethesda animal removal professionals.