Why Not to Touch a Dead Animal

When an animal dies in your home, it can raise a big stink – literally. You’ll want the source of the smell gone as soon as possible. Sometimes locating the source is simple but other times animals die in the walls or hard-to-reach places that are not visible. If you are able to locate the animal carcass it is important to not touch or handle it unless you have to, and here’s why. Dead animals can carry a host of bacteria and viruses that can be passed on to humans and pets. Tularemia is a disease that can be spread to humans via contact with a dead animal. It is a bacteria usually found in mammals, especially rodents and rabbits, and sometimes fish and birds. Symptoms vary from mild to life-threatening. While uncommon, rabies can be transmitted from a dead animal to a human through an opening on the skin. While risk is low it is still possible and it is better to be safe than sorry. One other factor to consider is once you remove a dead animal, how will you clean and sanitize the space as well as remove the odors? As a carcass decays it can leave behind it a host of unhealthy and unsanitary byproducts that need to be properly cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and eliminate the smell.

There are steps we take at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to make the removal process safe and efficient for you. We are able to locate the dead animal, even if it is inside of the walls or another isolated place in the house that is hidden from view. Then we safely remove the animal remains. Next, we sanitize and deodorize the space to ensure nothing harmful is left behind and you are free of any lingering odor. Lastly, we safely dispose of the dead animal for you. In the event that there is a dead deer on your Maryland property, keep in mind that it will present several additional issues. A dead deer smells, attract birds and other unwanted pests, and removal is a very unpleasant job. We carry a deer salvage permit that allows us to perform deer carcass removal from private land. No matter how severe the damage is or how large the deer is, we are equipped and will remove it quickly for you. Need a dead animal gone ASAP? Contact our professional team of experts now.