Annapolis Raccoon Removal From an Attic

Our Annapolis raccoon removal technicians received a call last week about roof damage and attic noise in an Annapolis home located on Carrollton Rd. Upon inspection, we found a mother raccoon that had been living in the attic for quite some time, judging by the damage. She damaged fascia boards in several places and ripped up parts of the attic insulation. You can see the extent of the damage above.

We captured the nuisance raccoon in a live trap, cleaned up the attic and repaired the damage. Thankfully, the damage wasn’t too serious—trust us, we’ve seen worse—and was covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Keep in mind that not all insurance policies cover raccoon damage, which is good coverage to have in Maryland where raccoons are abundant. Check with your provider to determine what’s covered under your policy.

How Raccoons Get Into Your Attic

As you can see from the above photos, raccoons don’t have to wait till a hole opens up—they can make one on their own. Many older homes in Anne Arundel County have rotten soffits and fascia boards that a raccoon can easily break with its strong arms. This is one of the reasons to not delay repairs if you see the edges of your roof starting to crumble away. Another way raccoons gain access to your home is through unscreened or weak gable vents. As a part of wildlife-proofing a home, we always install durable vent covers that withstand both the weather and any unwanted visitors.

How Does Raccoon Damage Go Unnoticed?

How can you not notice a hole in your fascia board? Easily! Most homeowners don’t inspect the exteriors of their homes very often, not to mention the roof and the attic. Also, in summer, we tend to leave for vacations, which means leaving your home for a week or two with minimal or no supervision. This creates numerous opportunities for a crafty animal such as a raccoon to enter your home unnoticed. Always inspect your home when you return from a vacation to make sure there were no wildlife intrusions in your absence.

I Think I Have a Raccoon in My Attic

If you suspect you might have a raccoon problem, first of all stay calm and act fast. The sooner you get help, the less damage and cleanup you’ll have to deal with later. Whatever you do, don’t go to the attic and try to confront a raccoon with a broom or any other household item. Raccoons can carry rabies and can also be aggressive when approached, especially if they are protecting their young. The best thing to do is leave the raccoon alone and call our Anne Arundel wildlife control experts. We are trained in finding and capturing raccoons with minimal stress and harm to both you and the animal. Contact us today for raccoon removal in Maryland.