Groundhogs Are Waking Up in Maryland

Groundhog Day is behind us, which means groundhogs are starting to wake up throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. Although they don’t have their alarm clocks set for February 2nd, beginning of February is generally when groundhogs first emerge from their hibernation. You may be asking what it has to do with you, besides the early spring predictions. If you have a large property, grow a garden and notice groundhogs in February, this should definitely concern you. Let our Maryland groundhog removal experts explain why!

Groundhogs Looking for Love

As they first emerge in February, male groundhogs venture out to locate a female they can later mate with. They may show up by the female’s nest a few times “courting” her, but then they go back to hibernation because it’s too early to mate. Mating happens in early March through April, and just one month later the female gives birth to 2-6 baby groundhogs. By the end of summer, these babies are typically independent enough to make their own burrows.

Why Groundhogs Are a Nuisance

Some people don’t mind groundhogs, but for many Maryland residents, these animals are a nuisance when the choose to build a burrow nearby. It mostly has to do with where they live and what they eat. As groundhogs dig their underground tunnels, they can damage wiring, plumbing and other infrastructure. The entrances of their tunnels are basically holes in the ground, which can easily make you or your farm animals trip and break something. Not to mention that a yard riddled with holes is not a very attractive site! Groundhogs are mostly herbivores, which means they eat grass, berries, as well as whatever you are growing in your garden. Having a fenced-in garden is often not enough to protect your crops from groundhogs, because they can easily get underneath and destroy the fruits of your labor. Besides vegetables, groundhogs may also go after certain types of trees, stripping their bark at the bottom. They have sharp incisors, and the damage they cause often looks like beaver damage. Fortunately, most mature trees are usually able to recover after losing some of their bark.

Groundhog Population Boom

If you are seeing groundhogs now, in February, by the end of March you may have 8 of them instead of 2. And by the end of summer, you could have 8 different groundhog burrows on your property. Even if you don’t have a garden or trees to protect, that are a lot of holes in your back yard! Each groundhog burrow typically has several entrances, which means several mounds of dirt on your perfect lawn. Groundhogs can also become aggressive and defensive when approached, and may even attack pets who try to chase them. The best time to contact a professional Maryland groundhog removal company is now, before the groundhogs mate and reproduce. And before you plant your garden! You can rely on Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to remove groundhogs from your property safely and humanely. Our technicians will also make sure to fill and level any existing burrow entrances so that they can’t be used by other animals in the future. Give us a call or contact us online today for professional groundhog removal in Maryland!