Learn How to Get Rid of Skunks

Homeownership can be such an exciting and empowering journey. After all, you’ve saved up enough money to buy a property you can own forever. However, not too many people think about the maintenance involved with owning a home. When you own the property, there’s no landlord you can call to take care of your issues. In this case, if a skunk decides your property is inviting enough, it will set up shop. For this unfortunate yet common ordeal, learn how to get rid of skunks with the below steps.

How to Get Rid of Skunks

1. Closely Monitor Your Trash Can Your trash can be the main reason why you’re attracting skunks to your property. When you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of a skunk, take care of your trash can first. When you’re throwing out garbage that contains old food like meat, double-bag your trash to try and mask the odor. Skunks can easily pick up on scents like fish and chicken. Furthermore, it’s good to make sure the top of the trash can is completely secure. If a skunk can easily flip the lid to get inside, it will fight through the plastic to get to the food it smells. Purchase a lid weight so that skunks can’t open the trash can and get inside. 2. Consistently Keep Your Premises Clean If you keep your grounds immaculately clean, this is great for curb appeal and the property value. However, it’s also great for keeping skunks at bay. If you have trash hanging around or collecting on any area of the premises, this can become a breeding ground for rodents and other critters, including skunks. If you have trees that produce fruit, be mindful of the fruit that falls. It’s best to be meticulous about cleaning any food source that can attract any animal you don’t want near your home. 3. Use Ammonia We know skunks for the offensively disgusting smell they produce. Ironically, they don’t like the smell of ammonia. In order to beat skunks at their own game, use ammonia. Granted, you don’t want to solely use this option. You’ll want to use it in tandem with other methods. Many professionals recommend soaking old rags or washcloths with ammonia. Put them in the areas that tend to attract skunks. You can refresh the rags with more ammonia as they dry out. 4. Be Mindful of Thriving Gardens When you’re learning how to banish skunks, be mindful of your garden. If your garden contains food sources like fruits and vegetables, skunks might become attracted to that area. Purchase netting that will protect your crops, keep the skunks away and allow your garden to thrive. 5. Call the Professionals to Bait and Trap the Creatures In trying to solve the mystery of how to get rid of skunks, you’ll want to call the professionals. It’s not uncommon to find skunks in areas like underneath the deck or inside of a crawl space. When a skunk lives on the property, the smell can be pretty disheartening. Plus, it’s not the roommate anyone wants. It isn’t the easiest process to bait and trap a skunk to leave. Thankfully, there are skunk removal services in Maryland that will do the dirty work for you. Skunks are no strangers to the Maryland area. Thankfully, companies like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control maintain the tools and services to help you in your quest of figuring out how to get rid of a skunk. These are just some of the most effective measures to take when you’re learning how to get rid of a skunk. As you employ these methods, remember to utilize the resources that professionals readily offer. You’re not the only homeowner who could use the assistance of a professional skunk removal service; these critters are everywhere. However, you don’t want to take on removing them yourself. You can unknowingly do more harm than good when you attempt to get rid of skunks on your own. When it comes to these pesky animals, it’s always best to let the experts take care of removing skunks from your home. Contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control today at [Direct] to set up service for skunk removal.