Maryland Nuisance Wildlife to Watch Out for This Summer

Every season brings its own blessings and challenges. And as Maryland wildlife control experts, we observe seasonality with nuisance wildlife as well. Different animals are active during different times of the year and even the same animal can cause different sorts of trouble depending on the season. Here are a few examples of Maryland wildlife you should keep an eye out for this summer.

Bats in the Attic

Bats typically migrate between their summer roosts and winter hibernation sports. However, your attic is a perfect home for them year-round, so they may not be inclined to leave in the fall. And that’s when you know you have a problem. Bats in small numbers don’t cause much damage, but if the colony remains in one place and keeps growing, you are looking at thousands of dollars in repairs after a few years. Bats have their pups in spring, and in summer these pups start to fly and hunt on their own. It’s easy to spot bats in summer—just come out after the sun goes down and monitor your roofline. If you have bats, you will see them coming out from the same spot (or several spots).

Raccoons Under the Deck

Raccoons are well known for overwintering in Maryland attics, but in summer an attic may actually get too hot for them. So you are likely to find raccoons denning under your deck, porch, or shed. If it’s a mother-raccoon, it will likely have a few kits with her that will be weaned off mid-summer. Summer is the time for raccoons to consume food while it’s in abundance and get fat enough to survive the winter. In search of food, raccoons may rummage through your trash cans, dig up your flower beds and even steal birdseed and cat food stored in unsecured areas. Needless to say, a raccoon on your property can be a nuisance!

Snakes in the Yard

In summer, snakes often come out to bask in the sun. You may even spot a snake out in the open, especially if it’s a black rat snake that contrasts with the grass. Other snakes, like the venomous copperhead, are a bit more camouflaged and harder to see. Even when bitten, some people don’t immediately realize they’ve had an encounter with a snake. Maryland snakes are in general not aggressive, but because in summer we spend a lot of time outdoors, you may unknowingly wander into their territory and get attacked. Some snakes are good climbers and can even get on your roof and siding, making for a scary sight. If you spot a snake in or near your home, don’t kill it. Snakes are beneficial for rodent control and our Maryland snake removal experts can safely remove and relocate them.

Groundhog on Your Property

If you live in the country and have a fairly large yard, you’ve probably seen groundhogs around. Should you worry? In most cases, groundhogs and humans can coexist peacefully, but on occasion, this animal becomes a pest. Groundhogs can gnaw on wood, damage fruit trees, destroy vegetable gardens and undermine structures like decks and sheds through their extensive digging. All of this happens during summer because that’s when groundhogs are most active. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, contact us for groundhog removal in Maryland. Simply burying their holes or using repellents won’t work—this animal has to be captured and relocated if you want the problem gone for good. Get in touch with Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control today if any of the above nuisance wildlife keep interrupting your summer fun!