What to Do About Raccoons Under the Deck

While raccoons give preference to attics, they can be just as happy denning under your deck or porch. They aren’t looking for comfortable accommodations: a roof over their heads and a proximity of a food source is all they need. If you have raccoons under your deck, you might need help of a Maryland wildlife control company to get the pest animal removed, because household deterrents rarely do the trick.

Why Remove Raccoons

You may think that having a raccoon under your deck is not nearly as bad as having one in your attic. And you are right, in most cases there’s less damage to be caused on the ground than inside your home. However, keep in mind that a raccoon living under your deck, porch or shed can be a nuisance in many ways, including:

  • Stealing dog food, bird seed or other food-related items you store outside.
  • Digging up your flower beds and destroying fruit-bearing trees.
  • Harassing your pets, especially if they live outside.
  • Ripping up insulation from the underside of your porch or deck.
  • Going through your trash and making a mess.
  • Wreaking havoc on your deck.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons Under the Porch

If you are willing to put up with annoying raccoons for a few months, they may eventually leave the nest on their own once their kits become old enough. Some homeowners try harassing raccoons into leaving by using ammonia, mothballs lights or loud noises, but these methods rarely work as planned. If you have a mother-raccoon with her young under your porch and you want them gone ASAP, you should hire a Maryland raccoon removal professional. It’s important that the animals are captured and relocated together to ensure the best chance of survival. Whatever you decide to do, don’t come close to a raccoon. A mother can be especially protective and territorial, and you may end up with serious scratches and bites.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control today if you have a problem with raccoons under your porch, deck or shed.